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Education & Credentials: 

  • Masters Degree: Physical and Health Education

  • Bachelor of Science Degree: Exercise Sport and Science

  • Certified Coach - 15 years

  • Certified Cycle Instructor - 15 years


I am an avid runner, fitness enthusiast, teacher, mom, wife and coach. I enjoy living a life that is happy, healthy and fit. I'm a mom to 3 beautiful kiddos, and a wife to Steve! My passion is fitness for lifelong wellness. I teach middle school physical education, train for my personal fitness and goals, teach cycle classes and coach high school girls cross country. I strongly believe in living a lifestyle that is not strict and involves a healthy balance of being a mom, a wife, a friend, a co-worker, a coach and a motivator. 

I have been a runner for well over 20 years and have never burnt out. I've always found a perfect balance between running, strength training and living a happy, healthy lifestyle. Through the changes of life including getting married, having kids, changing of work hours, etc., exercise has always taught me a lot about myself. Without it, I can't breathe. I believe we can all find time to exercise and work on bettering ourselves. Goal setting is number one, followed by the motivation to work for your goals. 

My biggest fitness achievements in the last 6 years came in 2014. I won the Eau Claire marathon in 3:09 and raced to a top 20 finish at the Twin Cities 10 mile race in 1:04 and a top 3 finish at the Minneapolis Half Marathon in 1:29. I've been chasing these times ever since. Having kids has made it tough. I've since ran the New York City Marathon, Grandma's Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon and the Chicago Marathon with my best time coming in at 3:14. I'm determined to break the barrier after COVID when we can race again. In the meantime I run about 30-40 miles per week to keep my fitness. 


As I continue my own fitness journey, I also look forward to helping you with your goals. with virtual challenges. Follow my journey, inspire me while I try to inspire you.


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