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Back in Action

I'm BACK! If you follow me on instagram you know when i'm in a 'lull'. I tend to post more when I am able to exercise and am super happy. Not to say I haven't been happy - I just haven't been able to be as active as I'd like which takes a toll on my mood. It's been a little over a month since I had my initial scare and almost 3 weeks since I've had no bleeding, amen! Last week I was able to jump back into a light routine. I ran 2 solo 5k's, taught cycle class with a bit more effort 2 times and lifted 8lb weights. It feels so good to just sweat a little bit. I don't need to run long or far, I just need to run and sweat. All went well so I decided to up my mileage yesterday and go for 5 easy miles. Week 17, 5 miles at 8:45 pace, I'll take it! I'm feeling fresh and back in action. I hope to add in some light workouts this week and I plan to post them as I go. I'll also post on my instagram.

So far pregnancy number 3 has been going ok. Mornings and afternoons are pretty good but at night I am exhausted. The biggest pro has been the amount of sleep I've been getting at night. I head to bed pretty early - usually with my kids and sleep until 5:30/6am. So I'm getting 8.5-9/5 hours of sleep. Sleep feels so good! I laught about it because I know adding a 3rd child - and a baby for that matter will change that quickly. I haven't had to wear too many maternity clothes. I wear a few 'bigger' shirt/sweatshirt options and thank goodness for leggings! I've been thinking about getting a running belt to wear on my belly, but I haven't found the need yet.

As far as running and pregnancy go, you need to listen to your body and not let your heart rate get too high. I take a break every mile or 2 to let my heart rate come down. It is inevitable that it will get high. I'm not out there trying to win any races or beat any times, I am simply out there for the love of running and fresh air.

Here's to week 17!


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