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A Shake a Day!

Back in college 'a shake a day' meant a dice game at a bar to try and win the money pot or a free drink! Remember those days?!?! Believe it or not, this is still a thing in small town bars and cities and is so much fun. Now a days, a shake a day is my daily shak. I use a variety of powders including Whey Protein and Shakeology. None of these tend to be inexpensive, but I justify the cost as it's my breakfast! If you add it up, it's pretty close to the same as everything else. And I really, really, really like how these shakes make me feel. I have never been a fan of supplementing meals and I'm still not. I do a daily morning shake because A. It's easy and B. I stomach it well. and C. It has fruit, veggies and protein in it - hello, easy! As a busy, full-time working mom, I'm all about easy! You can purchase these protein based powders online or at the gym!


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