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Apple Orchards anyone?

Here in Minnesota we have what is called MEA for teachers during this time of year. Teachers get Thursday and Friday off of school and can choose to attend a conference in St. Paul or take a few days off. I choose to take a few days off with my kids and enjoy the fall break. It is much needed this time of year. Since my training schedule is very light this week we packed in a full weekend of fun! We did 3 apple orchards, the largest MN candy store, a brunch with Grandma for her 68th birthday, a family party at my sisters house and some open skate time! We were busy - BUT I was able to run 4 miles Thursday and Friday, I took Saturday off and enjoyed an extra cup of coffee as it was 30mph wind gusts and freezing! I ran 7 miles this afteroon in the warm sunshine shirtless! That felt amazing. My body is still tired and I have this lingering cold that spikes my heart rate but I was able to push a 7:45/7:50 pace. Finished with some light walking/stretching and 2 sets of planks!

As I sip on some wine and eat some peanut m&m's, I'm still debating what my 2019 goals are going to be. I do want to train for another marathon and build on my fitness. I just want to be 100% all in because you need to have fun while doing it! I really want to hit my goal of 3:05 at some point. I'm just not sure my body is saying the same thing? Time will tell. In the mean time, this blog is keeping me true to myself. Writing is good for the mind and documenting is good for memories.


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