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How does "Hump Day" treat you?

Do you have a day of the week that you just don't agree with? I would like to say no, like I tell my students, treat everday like a Friday'! I can honestly say Wednesday's are MY days! They feel long due to extra meetings, mid week fatigue and just Wednesday. It's the mid-week slump. Knowing this, I have to start my day with a run otherwise I'm totally off my game. I started working out again this week at a low mileage and that's felt good, but a bit tiresome. On Monday I did a small 5 mile workout with a light tempo to finish the last 3 miles. I taught my normal 5:30am cycle class on Tuesday to a PACKED class and did a easy 4 miler this morning around the 7:50 pace. My kiddos started gymnastics last night, Griffin's been doing it since he was 18 months with a few breaks but I really think it helps with his body awareness and he loves it! He's now in a Boys 1 class. This is Millie's first class and she did so great! She's in Tumbling Tots. Cheers to hump day!

It's cold and dark, but feels good to run!

I'll keep you guys posted on my upcoming running plans as they're still in the works and if you'd like any advice, shoot me a message or email. I'm happy to help!


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