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March Madness Fitness Challenge

March Madness Fitness Challenge! Ready For Another Challenge?

It’s Winter and you might be inside sitting a lot more with this weather. It’s time to start thinking about spring weather just 2 weeks away!

I’ll be honest. I put these workouts together so I get up in the morning and get my workout done! Morning is the best time for me. If I wait all day to do it, I come up with a million excuses why I’m not going to do it at night. If you have a hard time getting up in the morning check out this article on my blog Re-energize your exercise goals.

These workouts do not take place of all your current routines. If you already workout, these are an addition to help you tone up and get ready for spring. If you are currently in an exercise slump, these exercises are proven to get your rear in gear. They are short and sweet and powerful.

If it’s too easy, double the workout. Too hard? Do what you can. Go to my virtual fitness challenges link at the top of my page and click to register!


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