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Re-energize your Resolutions

At last it's February! I still feel like the first 10 days of February are tough to get through. The weather in Minnesota is still terrible - very Wintry and not acceptable for exercising outdoors (freezing, icy, windy), driving conditions are terrible making for longer commutes, kids are getting late starts and days off of school (I like that :) ), and people are just a tad bit grumpy. The first two weeks of January, everyone was so excited about a NEW resolution. They were really going to stick to it this time! Then mid January hit, people get sick, tired, sick and tired and lose interest. I'm no stranger to these feelings. I go through the same process. I have to have goals written down and I have to have friends or family holding me accountable but MOST OF ALL, I have to want a change. This goes for you as well. Exericse has to be a priority and important enough to you to be consistent. It is so easy to quit. But what's the point? There are so many positive life changes that come with an exercise program including more energy, better sleep, positive mental health and body changes! A little bit goes a long way. Whether you belong to a gym or not, there are many options that are easy to follow. Here are some tips to get back into it:

1. Schedule your workout like it's a doctors appointment. Put it on your calendar.

2. First thing in the morning is a plus as you don't have all day to make excuses why you can't

3. Goals: Start with small goals. Hit the small goal make your next goal. Do not make 5 goals at one time, that is too much to take on.

4. Dont eat crap. Need I say more?

5. Give yourself a break; it's ok to miss a workout and get off track on your eating. You can jump back in the next day. Your body will forgive you and be happy.

6. Get rid of the excuses. We're all busy. If it's a priority and you want it, you'll make it happen.

7. Make it fun. Meet a friend, even if it's through skype while you workout together at 5am! If you don't belong to a gym, jump into home workouts. I have plenty of options for you!

There you have it. Re-energize your resolutions in 2019. Make it happen


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