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Summertime and the livin' is easy. But is it?

My summer officially started last Friday June 7th! As a teacher, this IS the best time of year. My favorite part is being able to be home with my kids and doing fun mom/kid things like the pool, beach, zoo, gym, open skate, endless parks, ice cream shops, walks, bike rides and movies! I really enjoy being a working mom, but I also enjoy being home with my kids - at least part time. I'm also excited for summer to be able to finish some house projects (switch out clothes, paint, purchase bunkbeds for Griffin and Millie as they really like sharing a room, and just keeping my house clean), more laid back exercise times (not 5am) and just being outside on the nice days.

Being a teacher definitely has its perks, but boy there are days when the struggle is real. Just like any job though, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I had a particularly challenging year with mostly 8th grade classes. I almost always enjoy teaching, but sometimes classes are tougher if you know what I mean. I'm especially excited to rejuvenate this summer and get ready for a new school year and a new baby!

Speaking of a new baby. Did I tell you the news yet? We’re having a GIRL! I was seriously 50/50 on wanting a boy or a girl. I love having 1 of each but I am beyond excited to have 2 girls for the ‘sister factor’. I have 3 sisters and it is so much fun having sisters. We haven’t always seen eye to eye – who does? Griffin is the best big brother to Millie, he will be an amazing big brother to two little sisters. Another plus, sharing clothes and purchasing more girl clothes! Whoop whoop.

Baby Update: We hit the 20 week mark this week and the ride has been amazing (for the most part) since week 14/15. We had the scare at week 11 that cleared up within 1 month and since then I’ve felt great. We had an ultrasound on Monday and she looks really good. For me, being pregnant is sometimes hard because of the restrictions. It is a true blessing and I am extremely grateful for the experience I just get a little bored sometimes. The summer days go by quickly as we anxiously await the arrival this fall. The nice part about being pregnant is finding new hobbies. I read a lot more, I relax quite a bit more and get a lot more sleep! The worst part for me though is anxiety sometimes. I don’t usually get too anxious, but my thoughts run wild when I have time to think, ha! I think about the future way too much! I get worried something bad will happen, I worry about money and I worry about my kids future. I often remind myself we can’t predict the future and to live in the moment, but the reality is, that is hard! The best way to manage this stress or anxiety for me is exercise, sleep and continuing to work hard to make a successful living – and of course – living within our means. I was fortunate enough to go to a great college and end up with a very meaningful career. The unfortunate part is student loans! Holy moly. Do these ever stress you out? I’ll be paying these babies for a while, such is life. That’s boring talk, but real talk.

Exercise! I have been so relieved to have been feeling great for the last 6 weeks! With this 3rd pregnancy, I am so much more aware of my body, what’s going on inside and how to somewhat remain ‘in shape’ during this journey. I tend to eat a lot more sweets when I’m pregnant so it’s important that I’m also getting exercise. Sweating is my daily stress reliever. Here are a few of my sample exercise regimes:

Mondays: Run 4-5 miles. Keep the heart rate below 165 Stretch

Tuesdays: Teach cycle. 60 minutes (I also do most of the workout). HIIT – high intensity interval training. Heart rate avg = 170

Wednesdays: Run 3-5 miles. Throw in some speed work. 4-5 x 600-800’s. Strides, etc.

Strength training including, bench press, lat pull down, squats, deadlifts and shoulder presses.

Thursdays: Depends how I’m feeling. Running back to back days is getting harder as I get sore and tired. If I’m feeling good I’ll go for an easy run, if not, I might take the day off and just be active with my kids. Key is listen to your body.

Fridays: Teach Cycle Sculpt. 45 minutes. We cycle and lift light weights. A very successful and feel good Friday morning workout.

Saturdays: Longer run. At 18 weeks I ran the Lolas Lakehouse 10 miler with some friends! I felt really good up until mile 9 when I wanted to be done, ha! The weather and atmosphere was amazing. I will stick to 6-7 milers going forward on these days.

Sundays: Off day.

My runs range from 9:30pace to 8:30pace for a regular run and low 7’s for speed work. The key is keeping your heart rate low enough to feel good and not jeopardize you or baby. Pace really doesn’t matter when you’re pregnant. Strength training 2-3 days per week is so crucial for your muscles and bones – especially for women. You don’t have to lift heavy or for long periods of time. 20 minutes goes a long way!

The key here is listening to your body but be active where you can be. It’s good for you and the baby and it keeps the stress levels in check!

How is your summer? I would love more summer ideas for the kiddos and food, what do you make in the summer that can stay in the fridge for an easy, healthy snack?

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