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Who Works Out on Vacation?

This is often the question I get when I travel to warm destinations as I usually teach some sort of group fitness when I do. I travel to AMresorts and teach fitness inspired classes either in a studio they have on site or on the pavilion overlooking the ocean. I've done a handful of these trips and while it's 'work' on vacation I enjoy the company, the sweat and the resort! Most of the resorts I teach at are 5 star and let's be honest I wouldn't be able to afford 1 per year, much less 2 at full price! I'm a school teacher by day :) I fell into this role in 2010. I do not get paid, I have to pay to fly and an admin fee, but it's usually a much better deal than paying for the full weeks stay. I meet so many people and become quick social media friends with many of them. I learn a lot about different cultures, I am 'forced' to try and speak different languages when I teach (this is always interesting) and the sweat is amazing on vacation! Vacation IS a time to relax and unwind, but there's no reason to give up exercise for one full week unless you're sick or injured. Now, exercise on vacation is definitely not usually as intense as at home, but A LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY.

On this trip, I travelled with my family to Reflect Krystal Grand in downtown Cancun. This was our family's first official trip together. I taught 2 morning classes Mon.-Sat. 9am was a stretch/basic yoga class and 10am was a body sculpt class. I had anywhere from 0-6 people in class throughout the week. The location where I taught was in a grassy area overlooking the ocean and pools. You never need music as you listen to the ocean waves and the breeze. It is extraordinary. This resort is new to the AMresorts so they're still working on schedules, but the location is phenomenal and the customer service from the staff is very good. I especially enjoyed the location as it was easy to go for a few city and beach runs. The city has a nice running path through the city and a long side the golf courses. The beach was nice and white, soft and blue water - just gorgeous! I felt very safe then entire time. I ran a total of 4 days, all under 35 minutes. I do not go for distance as it is so incredibly hot to run, but just pay attention to the time on the watch.

The kids had a great time on their first family trip to Mexico. They were a bit of 'work' with the hot sun and dinner times, but that's part of a family trip. We took them to Senor Frogs to get a bit of the downtown Cancun experience. It was OK. We just ordered some apps and a drink. The kids got their balloons and we were on our way. The 1 thing about Mexico that never goes away is the begging and bartering. It gets frustrating when you can't walk down the street without being stopped 5 times for various services that you don't need. Vendors offering to take your picture is a big one - we all have phones for pictures people! I know, they do it for money, but it goes a bit too far when they want $20 for 5 pictures they took on MY phone! No gracias.

I believe Mexico is still very safe, but you have to be aware of your surroundings like anywhere you go these days. You're not in danger unless you seek trouble. I grew up traveling to Mexico and I would like to keep that tradition for my kids as long as I can. That being said; our next vacation in March will be more romantic for Steve and I as we're heading back to Jamaica mon!

I took 10 days off of 'serious' running. I needed a mental and physical break. I'm ready to get at it and see what happens in 2019!


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