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Let's Get Physical!

The gyms are closed, schools are closed. Moms and dads are working from home, the kids are e-learning. Wow. It's a lot to take in. Many people have their systems down. A lot of people are struggling to find a routine and most of us are getting creative with exercise. Do not, I repeat, do not fall off the wagon. If there is any time to be active and creative, it is now. If not for you, for your people. Working out makes you a better person. We are grounded, sane, reasonable and fun people when we find time for ourselves, am I right? Here are a few tips to get physical, i.e get your heart rate up for 30 minutes or more.

  1. Every night program your coffee machine to go off right before your alarm. There is nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh coffee to get you out of bed and into your sneakers. Caffeine also motivates you to workout longer.

  2. Music music music. Music alone is extremely motivating. Put together your best heart pumping playlist and turn it on when you hit that workout (not when you're running solo, in the dark, in a remote area. Take a friend or dog instead).

  3. Every 14 days switch up your workout routine. Your muscles need different workouts so they don't plateau.

  4. Utilize the world wide web. There are many great workouts on YouTube that will get you going. Belong to a gym? Livestream their classes! There's also plenty of fitness calendars out there to hold you accountable for daily exercise.

  5. Once you get in a routine, create your own workout calendar

  6. Have a spouse or a friend join you for accountability.

I strongly recommend complimenting your indoor strength training workouts with cardiovascular workouts such as outdoor running and cycling or indoor spin class (via livestream). It does not take much to get outdoors and work up a sweat. You do not need a treadmill, let me repeat that, you do NOT need a treadmill. Sure, they're nice when the weather gets real cold, like below 10 degrees or real icy - these are both very temporary and we adapt. You could wait and run in the afternoon when the sun is shining and the roads have been cleared or cross train indoors that day and wait it out. Outdoor training is better, physically for your body. Don't get addicted to the mil. Check out my blog post about winter running clothing for ideas

Need running and strength training ideas? Send me a message and I'll make you a personalized plan.


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