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Hey 2018 Goals, I'm chasing You.

Hey there! It's been a bit over a week since I've written a post! Ahhh. I was super crabby and irratable last week. I'm not sure why exactly, although I have a pretty good idea. I got sick immediately after the Chicago marathon and have yet to gain my full voice and lungs back. That race literally took everything from me for a bit! I started a Z-pac last week, but still have a rough voice. Anyway - my running and workouts have been going really well and I'm starting some virtual coaching. I'm excited about it as a side gig. A lot of people get into this business to make ends meet and quit their full time jobs. I absolutely love my full time job teaching. This gig is simply to complement my lifestyle and help others while also working on myself. To finish off 2018, my goals are to continue my online coaching - put more work and effort into helping other people, run about 30 miles per week consistently and set up 2019 both personally and professionaly. Can you guys also comment on what you you'd like to read or learn more about? Running? Working out? How I do it with a family? Nutrition? Anything and everything - I love sharing for those who like to read it. I read a ton of blogs and just enjoy reading about what other people do. :)

Personal 2019 Goals: I think Kelli and I have finalized a 2019 goal!

  • We're going to work towards running the Eau Claire Marathon TOGETHER, not racing, just running to get my Boston Qualifier (darn you Chicago)

  • Grandma's Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in June

  • Completing the year with the lovely Twin Cities Marathon in October

Professional 2019 Goals:

  • Continue to educate my middle schoolers on the importance of activity and how much fun it is when you find activities you like!

  • Inspire people daily through my online business. Running, exercising, personal bests, nutrition and having fun (hello date night and girls nights)

  • Keep my kids busy in activities they choose. Be an amazing mom :)

  • Happy wife happy life- keep my social media in check during 'family time'.


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