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New You - 30 Day Boot Camp Challenge

Yes, you read that right. This is all about you and me and our beautiful tribe that will work together to reach a small goal. We have 30 days to make a goal and hit it and I promise we will hit it if you trust me and do my workouts. I'm doing this challenge free for the holidays to get our rears in gear. I will post daily workout challenges that you will complete and click the calendar for completion. I want you to finish 2018 with a strong, positive finish! I want you to sleep better, feel better, have more energy and have fun working in a group setting where we hold each other accountable! One time per week I plan on doing a LIVE workout, yes LIVE with ALL OF YOU. Download ZOOM as you will need it for our live workouts.

Do you drink wine? We will have nightly check in's and feel free to sip on your wine because I will be. I can't wait to workout with you! Subscribe to my site and submit your email so I can add you to the free 30 day challenge.


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