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Be Greatful that you can. Pelvic Rest cont.

Last weeks post pretty much summed up my current condition. I was on pelvic rest. I had never heard of this before. It is much better than bed rest because you can still move around. Pelvic rest is where you literally can not use your core for anything. I took that week very seriously and lightly and things were progressing. I felt better and wasn't losing any blood. I went to the doctor on Monday afternoon for an update and to see if I could resume some light activity. Things were going well so my doctor cleared me for light cardio. Still no pelvic use, i.e Sex, plank, push ups, core, etc. I was just happy to be able to do light cycling and one day of jogging last week! Things felt pretty good until Friday when I started bleeding again. I went back to the doctor (how many times can I see a doctor in 1 month)? The baby's heart beat is good, but I need to take it easy and let this thing heal.

This brings me to my headline. For an active person, avid runner, cyclist, weight lifter and for cripe sakes a physical education teacher, it is not easy to 'take it easy'. When you're forced to not do something you love, it gives you time to reflect on why you do what you do. So many people struggle to find balance in their daily routines to incorporate exercise. Be grateful that you are able to take care of your body and exercise. Remember, a little bit goes a long way.

I will do anything to protect this baby and make sure we are both healthy. Outside of normal house duties, I am taking the time to catch up on other small projects. I continue to hope each day gets better and things heal nicely so I can resume normal activities. If you were unsure of what pelvic rest was, now you know. :)

P.S I will still be in the cycle studio this week kicking your butt, just not mine!


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